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Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails

At Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails, no one is a stranger. Whether you've known someone for 8 years on your entire life. Rest assured, when you walk into Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails, we will make you feel comfortable.
Our goal, mission, and passion are to make sure all of our guests have the most amazing time. When you're here, whether you are a stranger, you will be having fun and leave as a friend.

Opened in 2005, Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails derives its name from the term coined on a Navy ship, where rumors and gossip would be exchanged. Throughout its 18-year history, this hidden gem has had only three owners. The story of Marti and Daniel's discovery of Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails is an intriguing one. Following a dinner party, Chef Ira from the renowned restaurant Local & Co. suggested a karaoke night at Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails. Surprisingly, most of the group had never heard of this establishment. Upon entering, Daniel experienced love at first sight and immediately inquired about the pub's availability for sale. He was captivated by the notion that it could have been a cherished spot for Marti's late father, Joe Kanarick. Within a swift 30 days, Marti and Daniel purchased the business in November 2021. Since acquiring Scuttlebutt Pub & Cocktails, we have transformed the humble liquor inventory of only seven bottles into on impressive collection of over 257 bottles. Our establishment now boasts on extensive selection of tequila, bourbon, whiskey, scotch, vodka, and more. We take pride in our expertise in crafting tiki-style drinks and classic old fashioneds. There is no libation we won't endeavor to create. At Scuttlebutt, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering a world-class experience to our team members, guests, friends, and community. We strive to create a fun and inclusive environment where everyone can enjoy themselves. Our motto is "Enter as a stranger, leave as a friend."

Our Story, Mission, Vision, and Core Values


DanMar Hospitality Group is a purpose driven company where the sum of the parts is vastly more important than being concerned with just food and beverages, or profit and losses. It's about on unwavering obsession with providing a world closs experience to our team members, guests, friends and our community.


DanMar Hospitality Group wants to maintain a spirit of innovation and create memorable and consistent experiences in all locations. We will embrace change, act with courage and conviction, remain vigilant and ambitious while scaling growth. We will change the lives of our team members by coaching them up and giving them space to create and thrive, by educating and elevating what is acceptable service we will change the norms to meet our standards. We are not reinventing the hospitality industry or customer service, we are simply redefining and refining the customer service experience to meet the needs of our team members, guests, friends, and partners.


DanMar exists to inspire the humon spirit one person, one meal, one drink and one neighborhood at a time. We will create a culture and an environment that embodies warmth, vibrancy, connection, and inclusiveness. The lens in which we observe and measure performance is how our team members and portners treat each other and our guests. We will choose people over profit. We are not in the drink/alcohol/food business serving people but rather in the people business serving drinks/alcohol/food.